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Voting closes today for top 100 DJanes 2022

Voting is open now until 23:59 GMT on 31th October


Friends, today is the last day to vote and support your favorite DJanes. Information and results and the final countdown ceremony will be revealed soon. Stay tuned!


Vote exclusively on DJANEMAG.COM by following the link or click on the 'VOTE' button on the DJane personal account!

To vote, you need to go through a simple registration process and fill in 5 lines on the voting form with the names of the best female DJanes in your opinion. You can cast your final votes here.


Vote counting rules will not change!


The DJanes will get ranking positions according to the number of voting points and additional points (number of releases per year, number of shows, social media support and more, will be taken into account).


Stay tuned!


Beware of fake profiles and polls using the word 'DJane' or 'DJane Mag' with similar or copied logos!


Our profiles are just @djanemag @top100djanes and a profile, dedicated to @top_50clubs clubs! The pages and profiles of our official regional representatives start with DJANEMAG! (EX: @DJANEMAGBR @DJANEMAGIN @DJANEMAGLATAM, etc.). Please, be careful!


Following the end of voting, the results of both polls will be announced in late November. Voting is open now until 23:59 GMT on 31th October: