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TSHA presents their debut album 'Capricorn Sun'

TSHA taps into the heart, soul, and spirit of her astrological sun sign on her debut album, Capricorn Sun, a swelling stunner out now via Ninja Tune. The 13-track LP is mountain-moving at its best, and consistent in the punch of its hooks. And while the power of TSHA's free-flowing arrangements may take a moment to hit their stride, her work is of the breed that transforms on the dancefloor.


Teisha Matthews, known best for her famed moniker, TSHA, is renowned for her eclectic, emotive and intricate sound that has the ability to transcend boundaries. Today, October 7, she showcases her multi-genre sound on her debut album, Capricorn Sun.

The 12-track LP boasts stunning vocals, enchanting piano, upbeat and bubbly bass, swirling synths, catchy lyrics and her hit song, “Sister.” Indeed, Matthews proves to be one to watch.

“[Capricorn Sun] was a to a way to represent me as a person,” Matthews says. “I'm a Capricorn sign, so that's why it’s based on that theme. Calling it TSHA without calling it Teisha. It represents different parts of me as a person—represents moments over the last few years in my life and the different [ways] I felt.”

Take the slow-building rapture of “Dancing in the Shadows” (with Clementine Douglas), for example. Ecstasy bubbles under the surface of orchestral chords and Douglas' impassioned flows.

Then there's “OnlyL” (with NIMMO), an act of catharsis that—when preceded by the rhythmic dynamism of “The Light”—becomes even more of a rallying call. Synths billow up as if from within and they burst with a feathery touch as NIMMO cries, “I want to feel new love tonight.”




TSHA takes us to the stars and back on Capricorn Sun, her sky enchanted with an electropop sensibility comparable to the odysseys of ODESZA. “Anxious Mind” (also with Douglas) toys with the dichotomy between hard and soft amongst shimmering sound design. “Giving Up” is a stirring love song of persistence, inspired by TSHA's romantic relationship with featured vocalist Mafro. “Water” (with Oumou Sangaré) pays homage to the sounds of Malian Groat music, a West African style that accompanies oral histories with traditional drums and strings.

Lest we forget the intimate delicacy of “Sister,” a vocal chop-driven house record that—since its release in 2020—has become a TSHA hallmark. The comforting sweeps of its sonics hit even harder in the context of an album inspired by nearly three years of emotions and experiences.

“I like to identify with some of the positive characteristics of a Capricorn: the hardiness and the work ethic… but also the sensitivity,” TSHA explained in a press release. “Naming the album ‘Capricorn Sun’ was a good way of saying ‘this is me'...The songs on the album represent different parts of me.”


Listen to Capricorn Sun below