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Tomorrowland returns to Brazil after seven years: “The venue has the same vibe as De Schorre”

Attention people of tomorrow ! Because Tomorrowland has just announced that the world-famous festival will once again return to Brazil. The event will take place from October 12 to 14, 2023 at the Parque Maeda festival grounds in Itu, in the state of São Paulo. This is the same location as the first two Brazilian editions in 2015 and 2016.


When the festival arrived in South America in 2015 and 2016, it attracted up to 150,000 visitors from over 60 different nationalities. The mayor of Itu - where the festival will take place - is already quite enthusiastic about the return: “In addition to the grandeur of the event, the importance of Tomorrowland is reflected in actions aimed at the city and the local community. We are proud to host this world famous festival in Itu.”



Until now: in 2023, from October 12th to 13th, there will be another Tomorrowland Brasil. In the same place as seven years ago: Parque Maeda, in Itu, ninety kilometers from São Paulo. “The park has the same vibe as De Schorre, where there's also a valley where it could be the main stage,” says Debby Wilmsen, spokesperson for the festival. “That scenario is right, and São Paulo serves not only to get there for artists and guests, but also to embark on the stages of Antwerp.”


“In previous editions, the main stages 'Book of Wisdom' and 'The Key to Happiness' were also present, which will be included. This edition will have its own theme and distinct stages. It will be Tomorrowland as we know it, but with a Brazilian touch in terms of artists and food. There is also a Dreamville, our camp, and 'The Gathering' will also be organized there (the pre-party, ed.) . For example, in the past Sergio Herman even cooked there. The intention is to do something similar.”


Better at planning

Information about the themes and the reveal of the stages will follow later. As well as about the tickets. “We are currently looking at offering 'global travel' packages with hotels. We will leave the flights and transport to the people themselves. We realize that many people also associate a visit to Rio with him, for example.” Anyone who wants to can register on the website


“We have been waiting for a comeback for a long time. We have noticed great love from the Brazilian community for several years now. Also in the winter edition. Now that we have found a Brazilian partner with the DC Set Group with a lot of experience in organizing big shows and events, we did it.”

The last two editions attracted around 150,000 visitors from over sixty different nationalities. Happened in May, now in October. “This fits better with our planning,” it sounds. “In January the CORE stage will also travel to Mexico, at the end of January there will be a digital edition of Tomorrowland, in March there will be Winter and in July our own version. 2023 is already busy. For now, there are no additional foreign editions planned, but we are certainly open to additional possibilities.”