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In the month of LGBT Pride, DJaneMag Brasil presents its new space dedicated to the scene

In June 1969 in New York, a high number of police raids at The Stonewall Inn, attended by gays up to these days, resulted in several protests that led to the world's first gay parade the following year. Due to this event, several cities around the world began to show the pride of having been born and living life as they wanted to live, besides they started to protest against the violence that still exists today, and that ends up taking away the right to exist without persecution.


By DJaneMag Brazil staff

Parade of LGBT Pride of Sao Paulo (photo reproduction internet)


DJANE MAG BRAZIL announces that it is against any kind of discrimination or violent act against the LGBTQ+ environment.


And we have come to announce, with great pride, that the Brazilian branch will be the first to have a special space for this scene. You will be able to learn more about the Divas that stand out the most on the track of the big clubs, in the Brazilian and international festivals. We will have articles with event producers, with our Divas DJanes, music producers, and much more.


Did you think it would end here?


This year we will have a special LGBTQ+ ranking.


Who will be Brazil's number one Diva?


And the party, which will be the country's sweetheart?


We are very happy to give voice to this scene that brings joy and glamour wherever it goes. As Lulu Santos, the famous Brazilian singer always says:

"Consideramos justa toda forma de amor (We consider all forms of love fair)".


Meet Diego Aganetti, our editor responsible for space LGBTQ+.

Diego Aganetti, from Minas Gerais, living in São Paulo, He is only 30 Years old 

however has had several experiences in the major events of LGBTQ+ scene.

He is now back in the event production market with his new Brand “SIGN”.

Welcome to DJane Mag Brasil.


Translation of original text: Luciene Cardoso