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Michelle; Meet 7-Year-Old DJane Named Ambassador for the Numark

Exclusive interview with little Michelle from Dubai who is already an Instagram phenomenon. Her innocent charisma, technique and performances catch the eye of many DJs and celebrities around the world.


While most seven-year-olds are spending time watching cartoons or playing dolls, seven-year-old Michelle Rasul also doing that, but with a 'little' difference, she learns the art of DJing with her father, known as DJ Shock who has been a DJ for over 20 years. Her mother Saida Rasulova said her interest was evident since she learned to stand on her feet. She remembers the days when Michelle carefully climbed on the chair to observe what her father was doing while trying to imitate him.



On Instagram, the young influencer became a sensation followed by celebrities such as DJ Snake, Chris Brown, Latoya Jackson, Maya Diab, Massari, Gashi and Soulja Boy, among others.

Recently, little Michelle was invited to be the official Ambassador of Numark in the United Arab Emirates. The sky is the limit for one of the youngest DJanes in the world.

"I couldn’t believe that I can become the youngest Numark Ambassador and represent UAE. When it was announced I feel so honored, excited and pumped :)"


Hi Michelle! We are very happy and honored to have you give us this interview exclusive for DJane Mag Brasil.

- Hi dear DJane Mag Brasil Team! And I’m really excited to have an interview with you!


You are very young. Since when did you decide you wanted to be a DJ?

- My parents have archive videos of me trying to spin at the age of 2 J As I remember myself I use to see my father Djing or listening to cool music. An idea to become a Dj came to me so naturally that I think I already wanted it in my mom’s belly :)


Photo: Still learning to walk, Michelle was already accompanying her father DJ Shock


What has changed in your routine since you started DJing?

- Since I started DJing my routine become more fun, more interesting and more entertaining. I discovered the whole new world of music.  


How do you feel about being one of the youngest DJanes in the world?

- I’m very happy and proud of it :)


Already is very recognized on the street? Do you get many selfie requests?

- It’s so nice to be recognised in the crowd. I love doing selfies and making people happy :)


What is it like working alongside an experienced DJ dad? He pass many tips to you?

- I feel myself very blessed to have such an experienced Dj dad who knows the right ways of passing the tips specifically to me. He is my main inspiration and also the main competitor. I challenge myself to reach the level of my dad and even more :)



How is your routine to reconcile school and DJing?

- It’s very easy. I’m very fast with my homework and almost always can find the time for practicing. Events and performances are left to the weekends or holidays.


You are 7 years old. The desire to invest in the artistic career came from you?

- Yes, it came from me. Most of all I like stages and I love sharing my passion and love to music with everybody around. This is something special for me. But if I change my mind one day, my parents will support me anyway :)


Thinks following career? Or do you have any other professional dreams?

- My dream is to become a world famous Dj and to win DMC championship :)



Who are your idols?

- My idol is Michael Jackson. I know all his songs and have all his vinyls. I think he is the best artist ever.


So far, what was the hardest thing to do? Play in the controller or turntable with Vinyl's Discs?

- It’s harder for me to scratch on the controller as I use to do it with vinyls. But mixing is easy for me both on the controller and vinyls.


Are you vain?

- I don’t think so. But I believe in myself :)



What do you like to do in your spare time besides playing?

- I like dancing, playing piano, singing, painting and producing beats.


Besides DJ, you like music a lot, yeah? What do you like to listen?

- Yeah! Everything that I do I do with music. I like listening Disco, RnB, Rock,Afrobeats... I love listening to cheerful music.


What do you do on weekends?

- As an influencer I am always invited to some kids events, parties, activities... So I always have someting interesting to do on the weekends. Most of all I love to spend weekends with my family and friends :)


What's the coolest place you've ever played?

- It was on the Dubai City Walk Open Air Stage during Novruz holidays where were a lot of guests from my motherland.



Are your parents controlling you too much?

- We are friends. I would say not controlling but advising whenever I need it. I’m a big girl already :)


Are you inspired by any DJ or DJane?

- Yes, besides my dad I am inspired by Dj Qbert and Dj Snake. Dj Qbert is an inspiration for all scratch DJs. He told me that I have a great head start to be way better than him (he started when he was 15) - so I’m doing my best to make it true.


You already have almost 35k Instagram followers. How do you deal with Internet fame?

- I love spreading the world the good music and the good vibes.I love reading all the comments under my posts telling that I make people smile every time they watch my videos. It’s so cool to know that someone from the other corner of the world is inpired by you.


Singing, dancing, acting, DJing. It's quite a talent for a just 7 year old girl. Is there any more

- Recently I started to produce beats – I’m a beginner level by now and wanna continue doing it cause I love it.



hidden yet? (any sport, cooking, sewing ..)

- Well, I’m also solving all sides of Rubic’s cube. I do it in 2 minutes now and wanna shorten time of solving :)


How was it for you to know that you were chosen to be Numark's Ambassador to United Arab Emirates?

- I couldn’t believe that I can become the youngest Numark Ambassador and represent UAE. When it was announced I feel so honored, excited and pumped :)


Photo: DJ Michelle during contract signing with Numark


Who would you like to share the stage with?

- I would love to share the stage with Chris Brown, DJ Snake, Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Burna Boy, Post Malone...


You are very much loved here in our country. Would you like one day to know Brazil?

- Sure! I will come to Brazil with a big pleasure! Will be happy to meet you all!



To finish. What message can you give to girls who dream of being a DJane just like you?

- Girls! Always go for your dreams! You can do it! Just start! Do what you love and believe in yourself!


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Special thanks to Saida Rasulova (mom of little DJ Michelle) for granting us and authorizing the exclusive publication of the content of this article for DJane Mag Brasil magazine.


Interview by Adriano RM - DJane Mag Brasil Staff