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#LiveComElas: Zanova, DJ Top # 19 of the world, performs live stream on this Sunday's

The LiveComElas project of DJane Mag Brasil presents Zanova this Sunday, May 17th, at 15:00 (BRT) - 19:00 (GMT) on the official Instagram of @djanemagbr - Originally from Moscow, Olga Ryazanova is, without a doubt, one of the most requested International DJs today. In 2019, Zanova was named DJane # 19 of the world by the Top 100 DJanes from


Together with her irresistible appearance and charismatic figure, her versatility in knowing how to make dance floors around the world pulsate with her mix of House Music and the best contemporary hits make this artist a sure choice in any event worthy of her presence.




Well-known for her passion for music and her performance skills, Olga Ryazanova takes the audience on a musical journey during her shows, understanding what the audience wants to hear to bring the party to life, while maintaining the life of the dance floor.


In recent years, Zanova has conquered the world, having played in most countries where electronic music is prevalent. Europe, Africa, Asia or the American continent are scheduled destinations for this DJane who has already gathered thousands of fans in the four corners of the world.


Don't miss out! Access the @djaneamgbr profile on Sunday (17) at 15:00 (BRT) - 19:00 (GMT).