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LISTEN NOW! Global Vibe Radio episode with Fernanda Martins

This week's Global Vibe Radio guest is Devotion and AudioCode Records boss Fernanda Martins.

The Brazilian artist is known for her track selection and infectious mixing skills, both of which have garnered her performances throughout South America and Europe and with good reason.

Exclusive Interview with Fernanda Martins can be found here:


Gabriel D'Or & Bordoy - B004 ( Selected Records)
Tibiza - Doubtful Existence (OneWay)
Rèdacs - Subsequent (SUB_tl)
Bily - Altered Ego (Binary Cells)
Clip - Grip (P.E.A.R.L.RMX) (Stale)
Drop-E - AoL (Vertical Spectrum RMX)(Devotion Records)
Juan Trujillo - Granizo (Selected Records)
Lucas Freire - Burla (Devotion Records)
Carlos Rios - Police State (Gary Beck Edit) (Proper Techno Tunes)
Deano - Morse (Kaiser)
Fran Navaez & Avox25 - Exciter (Devotion Records)
T-Dok - Passengers (Copyright Control)
Yan Cook - Unexplored (ARTS)
Drop-E - Avenger (SUB_tl)
Vegim - Smut (Devotion Records)
Andres Gil - Scene (Dykkon RMX) (Devotion Records)
Kaiser - Solitude (Invite RMX)(Monocode Records)

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