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Listen and download Eli Iwasa live at Warung

Rico repertoire and deft mix make good DJs. But in this constellation of music lovers that give the guys behind the cabins of the universe, there are bright spots that shine stronger. They are sources of pulsed light, attract whole galaxies in their tracks. Those who see playing are intoxicated by your cintilância, without knowing exactly why-and when you least expect, perceive their bodies moving involuntarily, her eyes closed from time to time and, under a collective musical torpor, opening smiles on their faces. Authentic masters of their spacecraft, these DJs who fascinate crowds have, in addition to technique and intense musical research, a rare celestial gift: they listen with extraordinary candor his own intuition. Are masters of the sensations, causing reactions, connect with other beings with surprising ease.

There are 15 years moving leads in this and in other galaxies, Eli Iwasa is a complete DJ. His chip off the leads not only to understand your audience, but a constant musical renewal and in tune with your time. She is current, but without ever abandoning its references-how to forget seven years driving at night, in stellar Technova Lov.e Club. Recently, your desire for artistic expression led her to create the band Bleeping Sauce alongside Marco A.S. (ex-Click Box). There, she sings his lyrics, in the midst of kicks of techno and the guitars that reverberates the times spent his days at the Gallery of Rock, in Sao Paulo, looking for post-punk and synthpop – releases a new album or the last pirate rarity recently Japan's arrival.
Just like Patti Smith and p.j. Harvey, strong women who are your inspirations of life, Eli is multiform: outer artist, a member of the entrepreneurial Club 88, in Campinas, and curator of your radio show. A journey to infinity, which radiates sparkling energy.

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