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How to add news

Dear DJs, we want to remind you, that you have an opportunity to ADD news to the site yourself!

If you have a new music, video or any other interesting news about you and want to share it with the world?

All you have to do:

STEP 1. LOG IN or register and add your DJ account

STEP 2. Push a 'menu profile'

STEP 3. Select 'Add News/Add Music/Video/Event'

STEP 4. Fill in the news/music/video/event/ form with all necessary information

STEP 5. Don't forget to press 'Save'--

STEP 6. Wait till our editor approves your update ----

Best news are always transferred to the main page by our editors.

Mind that, editors transfer only those news, which has:

- good quality picture

- title

- text in section 'body' (not less that 5-10 sentences)

- links on music or video (depends on the format of your news)

Try to Add your news today!