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Tracks are part of a 100% authorial set played by Fe Bardi with live piano arrangements!

Fe Bardi is a Brazilian DJ and music producer. She is one of the revelations of the national electronic scene, with a unique style that certainly does not go unnoticed by anyone – and to end this important year for her career with a golden key, the artist is releasing four tracks inspired by nature.


All of them have the four elements, such as air, earth, water and fire, and seek to convey a sense of peace, which only nature is able to provide. Of course, this also expanded to the titles, namely: ‘Mother Earth‘, ‘North Wind‘, ‘Lighting‘ and ‘Earthquake‘.


The tracks are part of a 100% original set played by Fe Bardi at the ‘Festa O Circo‘, with live piano arrangements. This happened recently, in October, in the city of São Paulo, and the same set was recorded and will be released on his YouTube channel. [Watch below]



Altogether, there were 19 unreleased tracks, and four of them have now been released by RV Records. It is worth mentioning that one of the tracks has already been signed by an international label, with a release date scheduled for the end of this year.


The songs bring a different sound, between melodic and progressive house, with the inclusion of the piano and other musical instruments, and new timbres from a synthesizer.

The feedback I always get is that it sounds elegant and soulful. I’m happy, because it’s exactly what I try to convey in each of my songs”, says Fe Bardi about the production process of the tracks.


Incidentally, the artist is known for a unique feature in her sets: they are marked by instrumental music, and carry the predominant style of melodic house and techno.


The artist has already been present in places of extreme relevance, in Fernando de Noronha at Réveillon do Zé Maria, in Camarote N1, in addition to doing the warm-up preparing the track to receive the Ukrainian Korolova on one of her trips to Brazil.


Currently, Fe has dedicated himself to studying piano and music production, but has already played in several places in São Paulo and Jurerê, and outside Brazil, such as Terrace Afterhours in Las Vegas, the trendy Paris Tokyo in Los Angeles, at the TreeHouse in Miami as well as a visit to Tulum where he recorded an unforgettable set that can be seen on YouTube.


2022 has been an extremely important year for Fe Bardi, as his musical career saw the release of three original songs in partnership with producer Rey Vercosa, on his album ‘Ibiza Summer 2022‘, in addition to remixes of classic tracks such as, for example, ‘Enjoy The Silence’.

For this year, in addition to all these launches, we can still expect a lot of news, but that still cannot be revealed. The tip about one of them is that we can expect it to be disruptive, involving technology and virtual reality.


Be sure to check out Fe Bardi’s new releases on digital platforms, stay on top of the artist’s social media, so you don’t miss any news, and get ready to immerse yourself in nature with just needing a headset.


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