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Collab; ANNA and Kittin Announce New EP for Kompakt Speicher Series

ANNA collaborated with the legendary Kittin for the first time for the Speicher series of the German Kompakt platform .


For over 25 years, KOMPAKT has been striving to bring techno, house and everything else to the dance floor of generations that come (or live) in the past, present and future. Today, they proudly present a hymn that truly speaks to us in the spirit of what led them to create their SPEICHER series.


ANNA in her studio - photo by Internet


ANNA  returns for her third round at SPEICHER after an incredible year of non-stop touring the world remixing JON HOPKINS and contributing to a recent AFTERLIFE compilationKITTIN (formerly known as MISS KITTIN) needs no introduction - she's nothing short of a pioneer in the history of dance music, contributing numerous times through her voice, music and DJing.


“ This song is about the euphoria we feel when we're on the track listening to our favorite song and letting it all go away; our thoughts, our problems, our frustrations, and we become unique with the moment. It's about freedom, unity and acceptance that exists in our dance music community . ”- says ANNA about the EP.


Together they are FOREVER RAVERS - sending a message of eternal unity to the track community. ANNA brings its most voracious production skills to date, intertwined with KITTIN sounding better in an explosive consequence that we can only describe as an unmissable technological anthem.


KITTIN - photo by Internet


The pre-sale of 'Forever Ravers' in vinyl / digital is officially here.


Check out the video of ANNA circling the track in the studio and taking it to the tracks: