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Brazilian producers and artists represent the country in the Burning Man 2020 Virtual Edition

Multiverse was the theme chosen to represent an online edition of the famous Burning Man festival, which takes place in the Black Rock Desert, in the US state of Nevada. Brazilian producers and artists met with a mission to deliver the “Love Village” camp next to the stage entitled “Metaburn” which is part of one of the eight universes available for interaction with the public.


In yet another historic edition, the festival, which is well known for its collaborative social experience and strong appeal to the sense of community, has been taking place since August 30th and can be visited virtually until September 6th. The chosen theme represents eight interactive universes on a full scale. The creators work in thematic camps that design virtual communities and sound stages, broadcasting the event live with lots of music, art, workshops and the possibility to connect with other participants in the form of avatars via computer, phone and virtual reality glasses.


In the midst of the historic moment that we are experiencing with the new Coronavirus pandemic, the sense of community speaks even louder. It is chilling to know that we can go to Burning Man 2020, even if in a virtual way, and actively participate in its programming. An attitude that proved even more constructive for some Brazilian producers and artists who are responsible for programming one of the camps and stage of the festival.


The Brazilian creative nucleus will present eight hours of programming in the “Metaburn” universe on 09/03, starting at 19h, Brasília time. The musical curatorship is signed by producer and artist Exequiel Felipelli and his partner Lucas Amorin, creators of the KATZ party. The line up scheduled for this edition includes names like DJ Aka Linda Green and visual artists from the female scene like Elka Andrello, Leticia RMS, Ligia Alonso and Giullia Paulinelli, to name a few.


These creative minds needed to act quickly and concisely, with resources that deviate from patterns of standards to bring the best experience to the public. Therefore, the time that has been formed has been working hard in the whole process, where ideas need to be thought of in their details and synthesized in a multisensory experience. In its virtues of performance and values, the line up also includes other names from the national scene such as DJ Mau Mau, Pil Marques, Ney Faustini, Exequiel, Phillipi (FATNOTRONIC), Caio T, Trepanado, Morera and visual projects such as Coletivo Coletores, Modular Dreams, VJ Gozma + JPedrinho9, Daniel Zanardi and Vj Scan.

The curatorship and general direction of the known visual artists on account of the twin sisters, cultural agitators and entrepreneurs of Music Business, Carolina and Caroline Pepper of the artistic content producer Pepper Cultural, needs for the creative direction of ultra visual and technological shows.



All have the intention of offering an entertainment space with music, visual arts, advanced technology with virtual reality and will have 42.STUDIO infrastructure and with the support of CINESOCIETY, authorized representative of RED cameras in Brazil, by the multiplatform director Diego Querzoli.


All images will be manipulated in post-production and expressed to a TWITCH TV streaming platform on the channels and where you can access an experience and make your RSVP.


We are realizing every day the importance of a strengthened collective, which works to enable quality experiences and entertainment. A single movement certainly oxygenates an entire chain of professionals, so stay at home and make your experience unique. We will soon be together on the slopes, in the sands of the Black Rock City desert and enjoying the positive changes generated by that period.


It is impossible to leave an experience of this universe of new perspectives.




By Aryela Carvalho