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Brazilian DJ Luly Poynter and MC Bevick create funk-EDM with their track “Vai Rebola"

The song is the debut musical manifesto by the DJ born in Fortaleza, Brazil, reconnecting with her home country without losing focus on the european EDM


Trends in music can be somewhat crazy at times. While in Brazil the traditional EDM music in the foreigners' format does not have as much force anymore, in Europe and the United States it still is the sound of preference for millenials. But when the subject is Brazilian funk, did you know that genre is high in Europe as well? It is at this point of contact between what works for Brazil and what works for the international audience where is Luly Poynter track "Vai Rebola".


Featuring Brazilian MC Bevick — known for hits such as "Mamacita" and "Não Larga o Copo” — the track is the first of many in Luly's career as a music producer. Although her journey in electronic music began four years ago, her interest in the First Art comes from the cradle, as the 25-year-old grew up in a family full of musicians and began composing as a teenager. Today, completely in love with dance music’s pulsating beats, Luly brings her track to show it to the world.


"The idea of the song is to bring a bit of Brazil to Europe, as MC Bevick mentions at the beginning of the track. I have noticed that, in the electronic music scene, great artists like Quintino, Kura and Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano have been mixing their sound with elements of Brazilian musical genres in their sets, specially funk. I wanted to be a part of this vibe!", says Luana Carvalho, the name by which she attends outside the DJ booth.


To live the EDM scene in an immersive way, Luly moved to Geneva, Switzerland two years ago, and took care of her development as a DJ and as a producer. The result, now, is "Vai Rebola”, featuring a mix of big room's incomparable energy, tribal house's percussive groove, Brazilian funk’s ostentatious sonic facet and even a break with oriental flutes. This is the cultural exchange that Luly Poynter wants you to listen to right now!