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ANNA announces her debut album 'Intentions' and drops first single

After a few weeks of keeping fans in tight suspense about news on the way, ANNA has finally revealed the surprises that were brewing. The DJ and music producer unveiled her signing to Mercury KX, the arrival of her debut album ‘Intentions’ on May 19 and released the new single ‘Receiving’


It was triple-phase excitement for ANNA, who also promised to reveal soon the defining moment she experienced in 2017 that is related to her metamorphosis as an artist and may be at the genesis of ‘Intentions’, her debut album that arrives after 22 years of working in music.


ANNA is one of Brazil’s most successful exports. Currently based in Lisbon, the artist has become world-renowned for her exquisite work in the techno realm, both in productions and in her unforgettable and energetic performances. Now the time has come for ANNA to reveal that her musicality does not end in techno and that there is a strong and heartfelt different side, which she candidly now reveals to the world.


For this journey into ambient music, ANNA has teamed up with Mercury KX, one of the most resonant imprints in this genre. This will be the label that will receive her debut LP and also her new single ‘Receiving’, already available on the usual platforms.


‘Intentions’ is the communion between two worlds of ANNA: the chaos and the stillness, music and meditation, techno and ambient music. About this new chapter, ANNA said:

“INTENTIONS captures the purest longing for the universal power of love. It’s borne out of a deep well of love that exists inside of me, and an enduring appreciation for all that we call ‘life’”.



The album was recorded at ANNA’s Anaweh Studio and is the result of the symbiosis between meditative music instruments like flutes and healing frequencies with her dance-leaning beats. In line with this concept comes ‘Receiving’, the first offer of this ambient album with the collaboration of legendary ambient pioneer Laraaji. The new single is a sensorial journey into the world of healing and ambient sensibilities. ‘Receiving’ exudes immense peace and invites a soulful interpretation of the sounds.

Get swept away in this immersive meditation experience by ANNA and listen to ‘Receiving’ below, accompanied by this incredible visualiser:



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