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Exclusive Interview with special guest - Lenny Berlin

We continue to travel around the Earth and introduce you more and more awesome female DJs from all over the world! Today you have a great opportunity to discover or to learn more about a bright girl with a provocative style - Lenny Berlin! Inspired by Afrojack music and Rihanna's love with trap music and fashion...Want to know more? Read our exclusive interview!

DJANEMAG: Traditionally the first question is about your nickname! What does it mean and who came up with it?

Lenny Berlin: This question I hear almost every day) But its my favorite question cuz I love my nickname, love the way it sounds. Very easy.. I was searching for something by-sexual, the name which suit both to man and woman. Lenny Berlin I heard in my favorite serial "Sex and the City", and I immediately realized that its really perfect, exactly what Im looking for. 

DJANEMAG: Why did you decide to give preference to music and DJing, this job is really hard because of constant travelling all over the globe and nightlife!??

Lenny Berlin: Music was always appearing in my life since childhood. I use to go to music school, piano classes then vocal classes, dancing school. Music was everywhere.. But from the start I was not very serious about it, I was trying myself in different jobs but music always coming back in my life. I didn't recognize even how quickly I recorded my first song "Time has come". Many people around me started to say that I have to make it in a more professional way and even start to build music career. The most huge 'Punch' for me happened when I went to Mallorca for a vacation, we were in the huge club, Afrojack was playing that night. I was near the stage, and one of the guys at the stage lifted me up to the dj set up. It was so crazy, I felt this power of crowd, everyone was screaming the djs name, it was the moment when I understood "I wanna do this, I wanna be a dj") So I went to dj school, started to practice.  

DJANEMAG: Now unfortunately there is a perception that DJ world is a man's world! Female DJs are pretty pictures, and nothing more, despite the fact that from year to year female DJs prove the opposite with successful performances and releases of high-quality music. 

Lenny Berlin: The problem is that first female djs were really just a pretty pictures, especially the girls who was playing topless. Even now everything depends from the promotion, not a high quality music. But every good dj knows that you can't fool the crowd, if you know how to make party burning people will like you, doesn't matter are you man or woman ) 

DJANEMAG: You look just like a super model on your posters! Do you think a DJane beautiful appearance helps to get new job offers or club promoters now pay more attention to skills? May be there have been cases when you are perceived only as a beautiful girl, not a professional DJ? What is your attitude towards this problem? 

Lenny Berlin: I think that in this competition between male and female djs girls can use this benefits about their appearance. Sometimes it really helps to find more gigs (and if some girls say that its not true, they are lier or they are not beautiful) Of course some promoters looking for a beautiful girls djs, cuz people want to see a nice picture at dj set up ) But if this beautiful dj-lady will not be able to play, she will have problems. 

DJANEMAG: Modern DJs can play almost all styles of music! What is your favourite one and why? 

Lenny Berlin: I like to mix everything ) In my dj set you can find many variations of House music, EDM, Trap, R&B.. I like everything and I can play everything. For me, if I like the track, doesn't matter what is the style. But to be honest, since recently I'm totally in love with trap music).

DJANEMAG: We pointed out the fact that your photoshoots are very stylish and all very professional! Want to know whether you use the services of a personal stylist or make a decision about images on your own? 

Lenny Berlin: Only my own decision.

DJANEMAG: Does your style differ very much in every day life and in shows and events? 

Lenny Berlin: In the show I can let express myself more than in every day life thats why I can use something outstanding or more colorful things. In everyday life I like comfort and casual.

Lenny Berlin fashion guide: 
The best place for shopping is... Paris 
"Must have" of the season is... my favorite white Nike AirMax for every day and Christian Louboutin heels for red carpet situation or date ) 
Fashion icon for you is... Rihanna 
What would you never wear? Sandals! 

DJANEMAG: Share some exclusive news with our readers! 

Lenny Berlin: In August a new track will be out and Im about to going on tour very soon)