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Alaplay 263: Aninha

Aninha is a DJ, producer, and co-founder of AIA Records and the artist management agency 24bit, she runs each facet of her career with an intense involvement, capable of surviving ephemeral ties. Aninha's gestures can be seen in her willingness to support national artists with AIA, a vinyl-only label (which hold a digital sublabel, AIA-D), or when deciding to open 24bit in 2011, an agency aiming to care about each artist on a more exclusive and personal level, something unprecedented in Brazil by then. As much as constancy is her second name, Aninha is also a strong, fearless lady willing to change what she believes should be changed. Getting involved with her means getting a legitimate, rather authentic delivery, at last.

Check out Alaplay Podcast 263: Aninha (BRA) and make sure it's really awesome on!